Paris: the rest room for addicts opens the Chapelle door this Wednesday


It will open tomorrow, door of the Chapel (eighteenth). A break room for crack users – installed in containers, supervised by the Aurore and Gaia associations – will welcome drug addicts 7 days a week from 9am to 5pm.

€ 9 million budget over three years

These facilities, funded by the City of Paris and the Regional Health Agency (ARS), endowed with 1 million euros annually, are an integral part of the plan 2019-2021 fight against crack gangrene for years the north East of Paris. The particularly ambitious scheme, managed by five partners, benefits from € 9 million over three years.

"This room is an important first step," says Anne Souffris (EELV), health assistant Anne Hidalgo (PS), who considers the subject is particularly complex.

Fifteen employees and two security guards

The rest room, where about fifteen employees and two security guards will work, will offer the addicts a place of reception with showers, toilets, medical and social accompaniment, close to the sinister hill of the crack, many evacuated, and never again totally eradicated. A platform of total insalubrity, where up to 250 people, drug addicts and dealers, flocked daily.

"When crack smokers are evacuated, they are found elsewhere because they do not wish to be housed. We will not definitively eradicate the problem that has been going on for 30 years, in a few months, but if we do not want a camp to be reformed on the hill, that means rest rooms, places to stay nearby and spaces of regulated consumption. "

The residents have blocked the tram

Since the dismantling, on November 7, of the camp in which more than 1,600 migrants survived, near the hill, the rounds of police and gendarmerie are constant Porte de la Chapelle, dozens of exiles kicked off the premises every day . And drug addicts, for the time being driven out of the sector, have migrated to the Porte d'Aubervilliers (19th century), where they squat the subway platforms.

A room planned in Stalingrad?

Weary of war, some inhabitants invaded the tracks of the tramway at this place on Monday night. Their slogans: "Tired of drug addicts", "Tired of abandoning our streets". "The corner is much quieter, at this moment, ensures a waterfront of the door of the Chapel. But everyone knows here that it's temporary. The police will leave one day and the crackers will come back. A rest room? I'm afraid it will provoke again the influx of drug addicts around and the reconstruction of the hill … ".

The residents of the Porte d'Aubervilliers are demonstrating

On Monday night residents of Chapelle, Charles-Hermite and Porte d'Aubervilliers (18th and 19th centuries) blocked the tram to protest drug trafficking.
On Monday night residents of Chapelle, Charles-Hermite and Porte d'Aubervilliers (18th and 19th centuries) blocked the tram to protest drug trafficking.

While Anne Souyris evokes the possibility of installing other break rooms, especially in the area of ​​Stalingrad, also very impacted, Pierre Liscia elected opposition in the eighteenth, and leader of the movement Free! for the municipal council of March 2020, which has just proposed a contingency plan for the north-east, considers that the device is insufficient: "these rest rooms, like that of consumption, the maraudes should be bridges between the street and care structures. But instead, we spend millions to maintain dependency. Those who enter these devices come out to return to the sidewalks, under conditions of total indignity because we do not have the means to direct them to care and weaning structures, with appropriate support. "


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