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Parkland killings survivor sets up pillow business to compete with Trump loyalist

7:00 a.m. on February 9, 2021, modified at 5:04 p.m. on February 9, 2021

Activist David Hogg, who escaped the Florida high school shooting in 2018, has announced plans to start his pillow business to compete with industry leader in the United States, MyPillow, whose boss Mike Lindell is supportive of everything. his weight Donald Trump.

A very political duffel battle will be played out in the United States. David Hogg, a survivor of the shooting that killed 17 people in 2018 at a high school in Parkland, Florida, announced last Thursday his willingness to enter the bedding business, and more specifically the pillow business. Why did this activist, who has become an emblematic representative of the struggle for the limitation of individual weapons, make such a choice? Because he wants to attack the market leader, MyPillow, whose founder and boss, Mike Lindell, is one of Donald Trump’s most ardent supporters.

You might think it was a hit from David Hogg, but it is not. He revealed that he partnered with William LeGate, a tech entrepreneur who says he has already raised funds. It was even the latter who suggested the idea of ​​”bankrupting MyPillow”. “Today we started a pillow business, tomorrow we are changing the world,” said David Hogg, now a Harvard student.

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The MyPillow company is one of the leaders in the sale of pillows in the United States. Its founder and current boss, the very media Mike Lindell, is often found at the heart of the controversy for his positions in favor of Donald Trump.

Mike Lindell, the boss who still believes in massive election fraud

Nicknamed “the guy from MyPillow”, he is frequently invited to conservative media boards where he repeats over and over again that massive electoral fraud brought Joe Biden to power in the 2020 presidential election.

On January 15, Mike Lindell was at the White House to meet with the outgoing US president and his team of lawyers. According to online media The Daily Beast, he would have raised conspiracy theories concerning the presidential election, and suggested the replacement of the director of the CIA by a faithful of Donald Trump.

Mike Lindell was banned from Twitter last Friday after using his account to repeat his baseless accusations of voter fraud. Having then tried to tweet from MyPillow’s account, it was the company itself that was banned from the platform on Tuesday.

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