Participants in clinical trials of vaccines against COVID-19 authorized or registered in the country will be able to access the vaccination certificate

Based on a resolution of the Ministry of Health of the Nation and in coordination with the Secretariat of Public Innovation of the Chief of Cabinet of Ministers, people residing in the country who have accessed in the framework of a clinical trial approved by the Administration Nacional de Medicamentos, Alimentos y Tecnología Médica (ANMAT) to a vaccine against the COVID-19 disease authorized for use or registered in Argentina or pre-classified by the World Health Organization (WHO), may request the registration of its application through of the web My Argentina.

Once the Ministry of Health of the Nation validates their participation in the study, the participants will be able to have the COVID 19 Vaccination Certificate, available in the Digital Citizen Profile of the My Argentina platform, within the My Health section .

For this, the interested parties must inform, as an affidavit, the reason for the request, number of National Identity Document (DNI), name of the vaccine received, number of doses, batch of vaccine received, health establishment, country. and city where the vaccine was received and dates of application.

In the case of persons under 13 years of age, their legal representatives may register their application through the Digital Profile of the Mi Argentina Citizen.

The Directorate for the Control of Immunopreventable Diseases will be in charge of validating the information declared before the relevant protocols and researchers and incorporating the application of the vaccine against COVID-19 in the Federal Nominal Vaccination Registry (NOMIVAC).


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