Thursday, 13 Dec 2018

Participate in the First States General of the Prevention of cancers

On the occasion of its centenary, the League against cancer attacks prevention by opening a website for the first “States General of Cancer Prevention”, where all French are called to express themselves. Objective: to propose a plan to the government. Indeed, ” 40% of cancers are preventable by modifying our environment and our behaviors “, says Franck Chauvin, vice president of the League in a video. the means devoted collectively to prevention are still very weak “according to the site inaugurated by the League.All contributions and proposals, on one or more of the themes chosen, are welcome on this site open until May 7, 2018: .

Public consultations and workshops on 10 themes related to cancer prevention

For these States General, the League organizes workshops that bring together on the same issue researchers, institutions and especially civil society Franck Chauvin explains that the site was open to the public, with a dozen themes, such as “cancer and work”, “screening and vaccinations” and “risk and protective factors. “By selecting one, we access questions such as” how can citizen participation improve prevention for less advantaged audiences? “, or” what does the term environmental health mean to you and what do you think about it? Are you making links with the risk of cancer? “Several consultations such as this one will be organized on the Internet, interspersed with workshops, between April and September 2018. The objective of this” confrontation of ideas ” is of ” bring out innovative proposals ” to include ” in the prevention policy that the League will defend “, explains Franck Chauvin, so each contribution will be analyzed during the workshops, hoping to” clear lines These four workshop sessions will culminate in November 2018 with a synthesis by the Economic, Social and Environmental Council (ESEC) to be presented to the government.

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