Passed out and died while having sex with her husband, this woman’s death became a mystery

SAO VICENTE, – A woman in Brazil became a concern because she collapsed and died while having sex with her husband.

The death of Vitoria Costa de Castro becomes mysterious, in an incident that occurred at her home in Sao Vicente.

The victim’s husband revealed that at first they made love in the bedroom before moving to the bathroom.

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The husband said the 18-year-old woman suddenly fainted while they were having sex.

Reported The Sun on March 22, Vitoria’s father came with the police after receiving a report from his son-in-law.

The medical team then arrived at the scene on March 18. Unfortunately, they stated that Vitoria was dead.

Based on information from the medical team, there was no trace of abuse or violence on the young mother’s body.

Her family said the woman had no history of illness, or had consumed cigarettes, was drunk or took drugs.

Initial examination shows Vitoria’s last breath due to a disturbed heartbeat, also known as arrythmia.

Doctors suspected that Vitoria’s sexual activity made her heart beat faster every minute.

This activity caused his blood pressure to rise, which caused his lungs to overwork, resulting in his death.

Currently, the Brazilian police are reportedly still investigating the exact cause of Vitoria’s death.

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