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Patient threatened staff with iron bar

– A man who has been hospitalized got hold of an iron bar and threatened to leave the building, says operations manager Nicolai Backe-Henden to TV 2 on the spot.

The police started a large search operation for the patient, and around half past ten the patient has recovered.

The police chose to arm themselves when they received the message at 9 o’clock on Wednesday morning that he was equipped with an iron bar.

APPLICANT: The police search along the street and at specific addresses after the threatening incident at the hospital in Oslo. Photo: Leslie Tangen / TV 2

In the initial phase, the police searched for the man with ten patrols. The search has been scaled down.

The head of the department says that they do not know the person in question before.

– No one was injured in the incident, but I would assume something was shaken, says Backe-Henden.

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