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Patras wants Felix to keep her standing: LOOK AT HER

After breaking up with his young mistress Lucia Gelem, Felix decided that he would rather return home to his wife than to be alone. Looks like Dada forgave him. “This is a very difficult question, but I’m glad you realized a lot,” revealed in the Czech Blesk. She made no secret of the fact that he also brought her a present. “I didn’t expect it, so I was pleased, and very,” she went on to say that she got cosmetics at Christmas and she and her daughter Anička bought him a razor. Dada also returned to his ex-wife. “His relationship with Gelem almost brought me to the grave. Maybe it’s shining for better times. I really wish that. “ Dada revealed.

Felix Slováček on a recent ski trip.

Felix Slováček on a recent ski trip.

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/CYUaLSvqymM/

Maybe it’s because of Felix that she decided to change her image. Patras has been known for years for her long, thick black hair. But shortly after Felix returned to her, she decided to change. “I’m going from black to brown. I really like the idea. Well thank you,” she wrote a photo, which she immediately bragged to the fans. We have to admit that it will suit her extraordinarily, and thanks to her lighter hair, she has also become significantly younger. Maybe her Felix will appreciate it too.

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