Patrick Mahomes and the Curse Madden: Don't believe the hype


Kansas City CEOs, Patrick Mahomes, were injured his generation on Thursday night. The Madden Curse meets again?

Sure, you could say that.

Or you could say that football is a violent sport and it is good that any particular player is injured at some point during a season.

You are certainly all familiar with the so-called “Madden NFL games” – a player enters the cover and then becomes bad luck during the following season.

For the most part, the player is set aside for a significant period of time due to injuries (such as Michael Vick in 2005 and Rob Gronkowski in 2016) or a significant drop in productivity (such as Vince Young in 2008 and Adrian Peterson). in 2013).

Of course, some players have Madden's coverage and continued to have excellent seasons, especially in recent years (in 2014, Odell Beckham Jr in 2015, Tom Brady in 2017 and Antonio Brown in 2018).

But then Thursday night happened. Mahomes, who had a MVP league performance last week, called on the “Madden NFL 20” cover, during his second quarter of the 30-6 Chief Executives over the Denver Broncos win a right knee during holes near the target line. .

Chief Executives of the City of Kansas v Denver Broncos

Chief Executives of Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes are held from the park after a knee injury during the first half against the Broncos.

(Matthew Stockman / Getty Images)

The injury was quite gruesome. Medical personnel seemed to return to Mahomes' knee before he helped him from the field. He did not return to the game and was seen to be lying in the locker room, with his foot in a sleeve or brace, according to ESPN.

Commander Andy Reid had little information on the status of his fourth quarter.

“We need time to evaluate,” said Reid after the match. "I'll leave that."

Of course, the Madden Curse was a lot of people after Mahomes injury.

But Mahomes are not close to being the only star-player undergoing significant injury this season (or any season). Just looking at outbreaks to start alone, Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh Steelers ', Drew Brees, Drew Brees of New Orleans, Nick Foles, Jacksonville Jaguars', Mitchell Trubisky of Chicago Bears and Newton Newton of Carolina Panthers. because of injury. Sam Darnold, New York Jets, also lost three matches as he recovered from mononucleosis.

And others – like the New York Giants' Eli Manning, Marcus Mariota and Tiamans Miami Tennessee Dolphins Tennessee Titans Ryan Ryan and Fitzpatrick Josh Rosen – are installed on performance-related issues. Of those lucky quarters, only one came on the “Madden NFL” envelope, and that was the Brees route back in 2010.

Although he had between 22 passports and a high career in that season, Brees threw 4,620 yards and 33 of the backs, he made the Pro Bowl and led the Saints to record 11-5. Also, he started the 16 games that year and he hasn't lost more than one game in a season since then. Certainly the injury has not been affected by he suffered against the Rams in Week 2 with his appearance on a video games box nine years ago.

So it seems safe to say that Madden doesn't curse a Mahomes … but maybe it is shown by Sports Illustrated. After all, he appeared on the cover of the magazine not long ago.


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