Wednesday, 12 Dec 2018

Paul from the Island of Love embraces the video of Britney Spears IN THE WHOLE – No wonder Laura is jealous!

He is, without a doubt, one of Love Island's hottest men.

But, in case this was not blatant from his sexy appearance and his sturdy physique, Paul Knops also has Britney Spears' approval.

To prove it, here is the proof – which was captured for his 2016 video, Make Me.

In this document, the model and part-time carpenter, originally from Dorset, can be seen shirtless for the clip torrid, which attracts renewed attention this week.

It comes after ITV viewers The show was left yesterday when the 31-year-old son-in-law told Laura Anderson about her passion for the singer.

Hilariously, he could not hide his jealousy and tried to compete with the girl on the board, saying that she was younger and more manly. However, judging by this sizzling video, she has no chance to shine the star …

Paul and Britney kiss in the 2016 video

Steady! The pair becomes very hot in the chamber scenes

Playing an actor who courts the singer during an audition, he locks the lips with the blonde before twisting with her

He was directed by Randee St. Nicholas and replaced an original version, by David LaChappelle, which would have been rejected by Spears for being too sexy.

"Me and Britney were friends for a bit," Paul said. "I knew him very well during the making of the video."

Spears commented on the video when he was released saying, "The video I just made is me and all my daughters."

Laura Love Island becomes jealous of Britney after hearing about kissing with Paul …

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