pay to be able to integrate links in the captions of the publications? –

Dakarmidi – instagram is an extremely popular platform, very clean also in its functionality. Certain lacks are also felt, such as the fact of not being able to integrate links into the legends …

And Instagram is an extremely popular platform, this is because it makes it very easy to publish content and engage your community in the easiest way possible. Still, all is not rosy. For example, we often regret not being able to insert links in the captions of publications. That could possibly change but …

What if Instagram allowed links to be inserted in captions?

Posting any content on Instagram and not being able to insert a clickable link can be a problem. The only solution currently is to use a shortened URL so that users can copy it manually. Or send them back to your bio which can accommodate links in due form. A far from ideal situation.

Protocol teams discovered a patent filed by Instagram dating from 2016 – all the same – which suggests that the platform had explored the idea of ​​allowing the integration of clickable links in captions. But to take advantage of this highly anticipated feature, users would have to pay. The document indicates that it would even cost $ 2 each time you want to activate a link in a legend. It’s hard to know if this is a fake figure or the real cost of the operation as envisioned by Instagram at the time.

But that you had to pay to take advantage of the functionality?

Indeed, with the patent dating from 2016, there is a good chance that this is an old idea and that the platform has moved on by then. That being said, this patent poses an interesting question: Would users be willing to pay more for additional features?

Instagram is still, overwhelmingly, free to use. Obviously, the company would love to be able to monetize its service other than through the integration of advertisements. Moreover, this is a problem that Twitter is actively considering. A paid subscription model would allow interested twittos to access certain exclusive features. Why not imagine the same on Instagram?


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