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Payments with the POS, sensational news: what happens

Each technological revolution is usually characterized by several basic problems, which at least partially affect the advantages of an implementation, especially when the dynamics change rather rooted habits: the introduction of electronic money proceeds in a rather sustained manner but not smoothly, the main one turns out to be a certain ostracism on the part of the population, especially the one more linked to cash.

The transition to electronic money is now increasingly encouraged also by the respective governments that have followed one another in recent years: the State Cashback and the most recent ATM Bonus are a demonstration of this, but also the maximum ceiling for payments with cash from 1999.99 euro at 999.99. The intention is to encourage the use of cards and ATMs to make payments and transactions of any kind.

Payments with the POS, sensational news: what happens

The Bancomat Bonus, made available by the Draghi government, meets merchants, guaranteeing them a sort of exemption with certain advantages for obtaining POS for payments and limiting commissions on reduced transactions to a minimum. In addition, the era of the POS obligation began in 2022, which in fact led to a real obligation: starting from January 1, 2022, it is necessary to have at least one electronic payment circuit only at least one type of debit card / credit.

However, there are no real sanctions, which will be activated starting from 2023: anyone who does not technologically adapt in time will face a minimum penalty of 30 euros, a fine that will be increased by 4% of the value of the transaction to be borne by the merchants. or professionals.

All of this was conceived with a view to anti-tax evasion, a congenital problem of modern economies, which continues to steal billions of euros every year from the state coffers, and cash is one of the main “causes” of this phenomenon that is present in reduced way but it is far from eradicated.

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