PC version of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 requires a constant online connection, players are furious with Activision and Epic Games


September 5th came out Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2, the game has received good reviews from critics and positive feedback from players … though only from the console versions.

In August it became known that the PC version of the game will be equipped with protection Denuvo, and after the release, it suddenly turned out that it also requires a constant Internet connection to the servers Activisionstopping operation instantly if disconnection occurs.

This decision of the publisher plunged the PC-owners of the game into a complete shock – nowhere was it reported about the need for a constant Internet for the game to work.

how reported one of the buyers, he bought the game and played it for a long game session, without expecting any trick from the developers and the store, but soon discovered that the game simply did not start without the Internet, which was a critical factor for him. He asked the store to issue him a refund, since the publisher and the store never warned him about the need for a permanent Internet connection, but the Epic Games Store refused to return it because … this warning is already present on the game page.

The user was outraged by the attempt of technical support to make him a fool, found in the web archive copy page, on which at the time of writing his letter there really was no warning about this, and caught the store employees in a lie, which they deliberately went, apparently frightened by the impending wave of returns from customers.

The user has already been refused a return 4 times by various technical support staff of the store, constantly referring to the presence of a warning about the need for an Internet connection in the game’s requirements. The buyer intends to receive a refund through PayPal with which he paid for the purchase.


Original game requirements
Original game requirements
After receiving a letter from the player
After receiving a letter from the player

The post on Reddit has already collected thousands of disgruntled comments, players demand from Activision to remove the mandatory online linking of the game, since THPS 1 + 2 fully available offline on consoles.

Many PC players in the comments note that even much more sharpened online Marvel’s Avengers and that has an offline mode. Users write that they will never buy Activision games or touch EGS again in their life unless the publisher and the store fix the situation. Despite the fact that THPS 1 + 2 has become the fastest selling game in the series on consoles, it seems that they are not lying – on PC the game did not even make it to top-20 best selling EGS games. Be careful when purchasing a game.

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