Peak coronavirus cases in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong government has appealed for greater social distance as coronavirus numbers rise in the territory, as many hurry to return from Europe, where the number of infections has skyrocketed.

The Health Department’s Center for Health Protection has again called on members of the public to “maintain adequate social distance” in their daily lives.

“In particular, they should go out less and avoid social activities such as meal meetings or other meetings to reduce the possibility of contacting infected people (..) and minimize the risk of epidemic clusters emerging in the community,” he said. the CHP in a Sunday statement.

The government said that since most of the recent 274 confirmed cases are imported or related to those who have had close contact with patients with a travel history, the government will increase testing for people returning from abroad to two centers. of designated tests.

Public services will also be reorganized and the newly reopened services and facilities will reopen, leaving only essential public and emergency services in operation.

Meanwhile, approximately 50,000 students will be affected by the postponement of the annual Diploma of Secondary Education exam, with schools remaining closed until further notice, leaving thousands of students to rely on online lessons and homeschooling.


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