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Pedro Alfonso will soon become a father

Paula Chaves is in the last stage of her pregnancy.

Paula Chaves You are going through the last stage of your pregnancy. In this way, the family of Pedro Alfonso and Pau will be enlarged. Product of the child that the model has in her womb, the driver had to get off at the last moment of the work she was going to star in Carlos Paz. Chaves will protect your body to avoid any inconvenience.

Although it was speculated that the idea of ​​the family was to have humanized, Pedro Alfonso finally revealed what the baby’s delivery will be like on the way: “It was a confusion that I don’t know if I said it, but it was never thought to do the home birth It was never an option to give birth at home, it was always thought with professionals and accompanying the times, ”he said.

“The option was never at home, I actually threw it like a joke and it looked like it was. She has been informed a lot since her first pregnancy, she reads, she meets with people who know a lot and it is a simple matter. It is simply respecting the woman’s times, ”added Paula Chaves’ husband, who will be a father soon.

What will the baby be called on the way to Pedro Alfonso?

In a dialogue with Incorrect, Paula and Pedro revealed a few days ago the curious name that the baby will have on the way: “I still don’t know if it is confirmed. Do you know what happens with the name? I often say it at the last moment because if they are not … It is armed as a debate with this of ‘oh, they put the name, which is rare, that is not rare’, you saw that it is armed as a debate, in the family even ”, Began by telling the model.

“I say it for myself, there is no mystery. I think we are going to put it, because you can change everything at the last moment, Filipa Alfonso. We are going to make it easy for you, Filipa with only one F and one P, ”added Paula Chaves, revealing the curious name her future daughter will have. The couple is going through their best moment and anxiously awaits the birth of Filipa.

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