Pedro Almodovar's red and black


Wednesday, May 15 at 20:50 on Arte

On the occasion of the theatrical release on Friday, May 17, of Pedro Almodovar's latest film, Pain and Glory, in competition at 72e Festival de Cannes, Arte devotes a cycle to the iconoclastic Spanish filmmaker, with a documentary (1) and three films, of which Julieta, on the cross paths of a mother and a girl ravaged by guilt, broadcast tonight.

"Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown", a review of Almodovar's first international success

The intriguing plan of opening (the folds of a fabric of silk rising to the rhythm of a breath) gives the tone of this feature, perfectly mastered in its form as in its subject. Seized with a new frenzy of colors, Pedro Almodovar signs here, with the complicity of the French cinematographer Jean-Claude Larrieu, a subjugated work, where each shot is a real painting.

Ubiquitous doubt

The scenario, cordage, sparing back and forth between the present and the past, develops around the character of Julieta, middle-aged woman, a chance encounter, with the childhood friend of his lost daughter of sight, throws into a deep trouble. Engage then the story of a love story, the arrival of a child, bits of existence where the knots of the tragedy are coming closer.

Movie on the loss, Julieta seizes with a rare elegance the substrate of the passionate love, the filial love, the temptation of the fusion, the transmission, the repetition, the fatality – Rossy de Palma, curly hair and apron of woman of household, being given the role of a rough Cassandra. This feature film is, above all, traversed from end to end by the theme of the feeling of fault and guilt. A beautiful, intense film, many of which had regretted that he was not rewarded at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival.

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