Pedro Almodvar: "The result of the elections has given me back the democratic Spain"

Almodvar presented 'Pain and glory' in the official section of the Canne Festival with everything in favor: this time it seems that he could win the Palme d'Or

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Antonio Banderas, Penlope Cruz and Pedro Almodvar, in Cannes.
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Back to Cannes, again the longed for Palm of Gold. Pedro Almodvar presented yesterdayPain and glorylike none of the other films with which he has participated so far in the Festival.With everything in favor.

What is his sixth production in his official section is also a perfect summary of himself, his conception of cinema and even the miracle of representation. And of art. And share the same voice with the public, which also counts. But happiness reaches him for even more reasons. And one of them is a politician.

Recently it was presented by the mayor of Madrid Manuela Carmena (I am a voter of the left) and yesterday, in the middle of the Croisette, she welcomed the victory of the PSOE in the general elections on April 26. I, like all Spaniards, said,I was horrified by the last parliamentary term. I believe that in no profession do people reach those levels of irritation and insults to which the politicians who represent us have dared. It has been deplorable, "said the manchego.

"It has been a break what happened in the generals," he continued. "I did not have anything clear about the result and I breathed in. Before the elections, it seemed like I did not live in the country I thought and worked for.the result has given me back the democratic Spain where I thought I lived. It is appalling that we have a right-wing party. For the rest, I am scandalized with the Iceta affair. I think it's terrible that they do not allow him to go to the Senate. And even here the color note.

What follows, what is important, is the feeling thatthis time it can happen. In the year ofEverything about my motherWhen everything indicated that his was the biggest prize, David Cronenberg, the president, said no. He had to settle for being the best director. Withreturn, start again. Then it was the script and a prize shared by the six actresses that served as consolation. The responsible, so to speak, Wong Kar-wai. And now?I like that the jury is composed of directors, he commented cautiously. The director is the one who best knows the rudiments behind a film. And ah, aware of the meticulous work of staging goldsmith that sustains the prodigy of Pain and Glory, he left it.

He said that, against what is believed, his relationship with Cannes is not so sweet. Or it was not time back. It is thought that we have lived a love story from the beginning, and not at all. They rejectedWomen at the edge of a nervous attack,tameYHigh heels… I remember thatfrom that moment we decided not to return. France, in fact, is the country that later adopted me. It was not a love at first sight. That happened in Italy since they were releasedIn darkness. I think they were not clear if the comedies he made were good movies or a firecracker.

He also stopped at the bad influence for a director that may be obsessing about a festival.I've always made the movies that I think I should do. I have not changed to like more nor have I mounted a film in any way to get to the Cannes event. And I know that many colleagues have done it. The one and the other.

And while he was revolving accidents to compete, he brought his experience as president of the Jury two years ago: It is very unnatural and very unfair to judge the films, so many, with so little time. I would have asked to see half of them for the second time. That's right, discovering things about myself that I had not thought about and I was a very democratic president. The experience of that democracy was hard, but very interesting. In the end as at the beginning everything, in the best sense, can not be more than politics.

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