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Pedro Snchez announces a plan against the empty depopulation of content

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Launches in La Rioja, with 12 ministers, a round of visits to the regional presidents to promote the “inter-territorial dialogue”

Pedro S

Pedro Snchez, along with his ministers and the president of La Rioja, Concha Andreu, in Logroo.
Abel AlonsoEFE

Pedro Snchez undertook today the round of visits to the regional presidents to boost the inter-territorial dialogue. The first date inThe Rioja, an afn community chaired byAndreu shell, which was attended by 12 ministers with the task of releasing the newDelegated Commission of the Demographic Challenge. A government deployment of which he was part of the Minister of Foreign Affairs in an attempt to overcome the list of representativeness that had been granted 48 hours before the first meeting inLa Moncloaof the negotiating table with the members of the Government of the Generalitat, headed by Quim Torra, and the independence forces.

I will go to meet all the regional presidents. Our vocation is to dialogue with all communities for the benefit of the general interest, said the president, emphasizing the decisive spirit of an Executive willing to take action.

As a first sample, Snchez announced a crash plan with 30 measures from all departments to address the challenge of depopulation. So far, the plan has not been detailed.

The intention, according to government sources, is to complement it with the initiatives of the autonomous and local administrations and civil society in order to form a National Strategy that should see the light in the nextConference of Presidentsfor which there is still no date.

To be then, as the fourth vice president and minister for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, Teresa Ribera, pointed out when the Government explains to the autonomous rulers its complete plan.

Today, it is only celebrated in theInstitutional Winery of La Grajerathe inaugural meeting of the Delegate Commission for the Demographic Challenge that anticipated a dozen generic initiatives: facilitating the relationship of citizens with administrations; simplify administrative procedures; promote innovation projects; promote a Basic Statute of Small Municipalities; analyze the possible decentralization of reference centers of the Public Administration; universalize 30Mbps broadband coverage; launch pilot projects of 5G services in rural areas; aid to energy efficiency and self-consumption; a plan to promote territorial centers of the UNED and an increase in the strength of the Civil Guard with improvement of its infrastructure in rural areas.

We work to avoid a country that advances at different speeds and not to leave anyone behind, explained the fourth vice president. However, this message was overshadowed by the lack of specificity and even by the error of La Moncloa that came to announce a Social Security data processing center inSoriaWhat minutes later was denied.

Neither in the press conference of the vice president nor in the Moncloa communiqué are investment or aid figures included, which induced other autonomous consulted by this newspaper to interpret that the plan at the moment does not happen to be an improvisation to justify the photo of ms of government medium inLogroowith which you try to convey the message that there is neither nor will there be a favor treat toCataluato try to placate the sovereignty challenge and preserve ERC’s support for the Executive.

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