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Pelosi gives Wall Street a higher slot | Financial

The Dow Jones index closed 0.5% higher. Nasdaq technology exchange rose 0.2%. The broad-based S&P 500 index climbed 0.5%.

Investors have been looking forward to a new support package for American victims of the corona crisis. Nancy Pelosi and Secretary Steven Mnuchin (Finance) have been talking about this all week.

Another windfall was that 787,000 Americans claimed unemployment benefits last week against an adjusted 842,000 a week earlier. That figure is considerably lower than expected, because economists had expected an average of 870,000 applications. It was also the first time since the outbreak of the corona crisis that the number of weekly unemployment benefits fell below the 800,000 mark.

Investors convert Tesla 0.8% higher. The automaker closed for the fifth time in a rowended a quarter with a profit, which was also higher than expected. The company is also on track to deliver half a million cars this year.

Coke became worth 1.3% more. Revenue and profit declined because much less soft drinks are still sold to the hospitality and events industry due to the corona pandemic, but the results were better than expected.

Goldman Sachs (+ 1.3%) was also in the spotlight. The investment bank is fined over $ 2.3 billion in a settlement with the United States Justice Department for the bribery scandal surrounding the Malaysian state fund 1MDB. CEO David Salomon and his predecessor Lloyd Blankfein must pay back previously paid bonuses.

Oil and gas concern ExxonMobil (+ 5.2%) represents an intervention in its workforce. In an email to employees, CEO Darren Woods mentions an unspecified number of employees who have to fear for their job, while projects are also being postponed. Woods said he continued to rely on fossil fuels.

Furthermore, biotechnologist reported Modern that it has successfully completed the recruitment of all 30,000 participants in its Phase 3 study of a new corona vaccine. Investors put the share on this 3.6% higher.

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