Penlope Cruz, Javier Bardem, Pedro Almodvar and Alejandro Sanz donate 152,000 masks

They will be distributed in the Gregorio Maran hospital in Madrid and in various nursing homes and care centers for dependent people

Health workers applaud at the Gregorio Maran Hospital in Madrid.

Penlope Cruz, Javier Bardem, Pedro Almodvar and Alejandro Sanz152,000 masks will be donated, according to a note released by Cruz’s press officer.

These masks will be FFP2 and surgical, although the note does not explain how they were purchased.

These masks will be distributed in theGregorio Maran hospitalMadrid, which has become one of the main centers in Spain for the treatment of Covid-19 patients. In addition, according to said note, this sanitary material will be distributed in several nursing homes and care centers for dependent people, although what they are is not specified.

Some of this medical material will be distributed in Catalonia, and in that case the filmmakers and the musician specify that they will be distributed with the help of the NGO Open Arms.

A month ago, Penlope Cruz and Javier Bardem donated 100,000 gloves and 20,000 masks to theLa Paz HospitalMadrid to improve the safety conditions of toilets during the pandemic. The actor couple added that they hoped to “be able to donate other materials” in the coming days.

Alejandro Sanz assured in a recent interview with EL MUNDO that the thousands of old people killed in residences was the event that had most moved him from the pandemic.

“That topic hurts me a lot. How could that not have been taken care of a little more? A generation that fought so hard for this society and died without respirators,” he said.

The Madrid musician was very critical. That so many old people have died “should embarrass us for the rest of our lives,” he said. “And measures should be taken in the residences so that such a thing does not happen again. It was seen long ago, many news was coming out about the neglect of the residences, about how they were managed, it was predicting that catastrophe, and has exploited with this situation. All that was getting under the carpet has come out. A reconversion is needed in everything that has to do with residences and care for the elderly, who are people who have worked all their lives and who deserve to live the end of his days with dignity. “

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