Pension reform: Édouard Philippe promises a vote in Parliament "by next summer"


We know a little more about the calendar of the pension reform. The future bill will be voted "by the end of the parliamentary session next summer," announced Thursday Édouard Philippe, in a speech before the Economic and Social Economic Council (CESE).

"We are determined to take all the necessary time," said the Prime Minister in his speech of about 45 minutes, saying that this time will be used to "define the target system and the generations concerned" by the "universal system" by points wanted by Emmanuel Macron. Consultations with the social partners should start next week.

Citizen consultations until the end of 2019

On the eve of a very strong day of mobilization at the RATP, Édouard Philippe also recalled that the future system "will lead to the disappearance of special regimes and multiple derogations which, with few exceptions, no longer take place. be ". While ensuring "hear" the concerns of the French on this reform.

On the merits, the Prime Minister did not comment on the debate between raising the legal age and increasing the contribution period. "There are a number of tools that can reconcile time and age," he simply commented.

Édouard Philippe also provided some details on citizen consultation, which will take place on the model of the Grand debate. It should begin "before the end of September" and last until the end of 2019. It will take place via a "digital platform" and "public meetings around local elected officials or associations ".


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