Pensions: between the executive and the centrists, tactical differences


"We are still the only guys playing mandolin under the balcony of Macron and who take the chamber pot on the head! Sighs a centrist. Since this weekend, the elected MoDem and UDI at the initiative of a collective forum, which advocated the convening of a high-mass social before December 5, believed hard like having unearthed the martingale to defuse the crisis that spends on pensions. But that was not counting on the old habits at LREM.

Thank you, but no thanks. This is, in essence, the polite response that Tuesday Edouard Philippe made to this outstretched hand. If he "clearly expressed his interest" at the breakfast of the majority, the Prime Minister does not intend to vary strategy at this stage: extinguish one by one the hotbeds of protest before the mobilization of December, rather than d sit down at the same table. Especially since he has already invited the social partners for a last round of discussions on November 25, one-on-one. Above all, he does not intend to open the Pandora's box of purchasing power, as the centrists suggest.

"The Prime Minister will close the door elegantly," said Monday a government adviser. This Tuesday morning, in Matignon, the representatives of LREM were drier, rejecting the idea of ​​a social conference on inequalities. «Gilles Le Gendre (Editor's note: patron of walking MPs) was not very caring, "reports one participant. "If they wanted to do something, they should have done it with us. These stories of Grenelle, we know how it ends: with increases in the smic! "Sweeps another macronist. "Since it does not come from home, they do not want it …", grumbles a centrist.

The grimace of Bayrou

Still, the Elysee and Matignon see in the centrist initiative a happy news: here is their majority which is widening. You said reconstitution of dissolved league? This is the first time since 2014, date of their common European list, that the MoDem and the UDI, in cold, are found. The platform, initiated by the head of MPs MoDem Patrick Mignola was quickly rallied by his counterpart of the Senate Hervé Marseille and, especially, by the president of the UDI Jean-Christophe Lagarde. Which is held on the edge of the majority by Francois Bayrou, who does not wear it in his heart. "We have to stop the wars with the con. All that goes in the direction of enlargement, we take, "slips a close to the president. "If we had dragged Lagarde before the European, we would have been in the lead," says another.

Bayrou, not aware of the "surprise" Lagarde, did not appreciate. "He agrees on the substance, but very angry with the co-signers," euphemized a MoDem framework. The authors of the platform do not intend to stop there. Mignola must send letters to the unions to submit their proposal. Failing to clear the crisis upstream, he hopes that it will serve as extinguisher after. As for Lagarde, he promises other projects with the MoDem, no offense to Bayrou. A centrist, tired of bickering, dares: "The day François will not be there, we will work together". The union remains a fight.


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