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On Latvia’s birthday, Kaupers published a video on Instagram, which shows especially heartfelt shots – a boy named Emils sings the song “My Song” by the group “Brainstorm”.

“Friends sent this video and the message:” Emil is 4 years old.

Mom Laura is Latvian, Dad is Indonesian. They live in Amsterdam. It is very important for my mother to keep everything Latvian, so she sings a lot of Latvian songs and reads books together with Emils.

Every year Emils spends summers with his mother in Latvia. Emil’s favorite Latvian group is “Brainstorm”, and his dream is to sing with Renārs Kaupers at least once. “

Emil, you’re a big pig! When you are in Latvia next time, feel free to give a message – we will sing the next greeting to Latvia together! “Kaupers wrote at the publication.

The video immediately gained immense popularity on social networks, with people rushing to comment on the hard-working boy’s performance.

“Pride of Latvians in the world!”, “Respect for mom!”, “Infinitely dear!”, “Renāra is growing a competitor!”, “Really fantastic!” – There were some of the comments to be read at the video. Almost three thousand people have already pressed the “like” button.


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