People forcibly remove a body suspected of covid-19 from Legal Medicine in Cali

September 18, 2020 – 07:48 pm

Newsroom of El País

A group of people entered the Legal Medicine facilities and removed the body of a young man suspected of covid-19. The event was recorded in the evening hours of this Friday.

The body that was removed from Medicinal Legal was identified as Jhonatan Alexis Cifuentes González, 18 years old, who worked as a hairdresser.

This case was made known through the media and social networks. Apparently, these people would have removed the body of this young man because, according to them, the patient did not have covid-19.

Cifuentes González was the victim of a stray bullet in the Comuneros I sector, east of Cali.

The young man entered the Nuestra Clinic due to a gunshot wound to the head last Tuesday and died the next day in the morning.

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Later it was indicated that Cifuentes could be an organ donor, but this was not the case, since, according to the doctors, the patient would have covid-19. However, Jhonatan’s relatives affirm that this is not the case.

According to a relative of the 18-year-old, minutes after the conversation with the doctor, they were informed that their relative could no longer be a donor because he was a suspect for covid-19.

“If it is true that he had covid, why were the alarms activated? Why weren’t they tested us and they didn’t isolate us? No one has come forward with what is supposed to be done with a covid-19 patient. No one He wants to clarify what is happening, “he said.

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According to this person, the family took the body out of the morgue, opened it and verified that it was the murdered young man.

After removing him, these people took him to the Comuneros neighborhood, where the young man lived and there he was watched over by friends and family.


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