PEOPLE – Milly Quezada’s brother-in-law is in NY due to coronavirus

Milly Quezada’s brother-in-law is hospitalized for coronavirus in New York City, but not the sister of the Dominican merenguera, as circulated on social networks, said the artist’s manager, Pedro Núñez del Risco.

Fausto Arias, Jocelyn’s husband, is hooked up to a ventilator in the intensive care unit of Englewood Health Hospital in New Jersey after being diagnosed with Covid-19.

“He is internal, but she is not and has not presented any symptoms,” Núñez del Risco told Listín Diario given the rumors that are circulating on the show business.

Núñez del Risco commented that Fausto Arias, 65, is a very active person and was the one who in recent days had been doing errands at home, including going to supermarkets and pharmacies.

“Fausto arrived at the hospital with a large infection and although he was controlled, he is intubated, hoping that God will improve him,” said Nuñez del Risco.

Along with an image of Arias, Milly Quezada posted a short message two days ago: “Prayer for the health of the Pastor and my brother-in-law Fausto Arias, amen! “

In groups in Wastshapp it circulates since noon on Saturday that Fausto and Jocelyn were infected, generating concern among their parishioners, since they are pastors of their churches in New York.

Jocelyn flatly denied the voice memo circulating on social media groups: “There are unscrupulous people looking to do harm. The comment they are making is that my husband Fausto Arias knew that he was ill and continued to serve in the church with the doors closed. That’s a lie. The church has been closed for two weeks. We made our worship in the room. It’s on Facebook. He would not expose his Church to this crisis. “

According to his statements, none of the people who gather in his church have symptoms or have tested positive for coronavirus. “What is the need to tell a lie or destroy a man of that caliber or anyone because he is not better than anyone?” He asked himself.

The United States has become the largest focus in the world in the expansion of COVID-19 and New York is its great epicenter, where such a dire situation is not remembered since the attacks of September 11, 2001 as experts foresee an impact. “catastrophic” economic billions of dollars.


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