“People with glasses are up to three times less likely to be infected with coronavirus” – Wel.nl

Glasses seem to protect somewhat against corona. According to Indian scientists, spectacle wearers are much less on their eyes, which makes them up to three times less likely to be infected with the corona virus.

“A person has a habit of touching their own face an average of 23 times an hour. Rubbing the eyes is done about three times an hour, ”said the study, about which The Independent writes.

According to the scientists, people who wear glasses for at least eight hours a day are two to three times less likely to contract corona. “Just rubbing the eyes with contaminated hands can be enough to get infected with Covid-19,” said the researchers.

The study has yet to receive a peer review, but a while ago ophthalmologists also recommended wearing glasses instead of contact lenses, so that people would touch their eyes less.


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