People’s electric car from Renault is sold at the price of the base Creta – Russian newspaper

Hungary was the first EU country to announce prices for the Dacia Spring, the most affordable electric car in Europe, as it is positioned at Renault (Dacia’s parent company).

The price of the debut series of 100 electric vehicles is 3.99 million forints. In rubles at the current exchange rate, this is equivalent to about 1 million and 6 thousand, almost complete coincidence with the base price of Hyundai Creta in Russia.

But outside of the debut series, the base price of Dacia Spring is 6.49 million forints, which is already about 1.64 million rubles.

Prices in other EU countries will be announced soon, and they will vary as taxation and policy on electric vehicles is determined at the national, not the pan-European level.

It is curious that the Chinese analogue of the Dacia Spring Renault K-ZE is offered for only 61,800 yuan, about 718 thousand rubles.

The Dacia Spring is a subcompact four-seater hatchback with a 44 hp engine, 26.8 kWh battery and quick charge up to 80% in 50 minutes.


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