Pepe Moral: "I want to express what I am and what I have in. This year has not been seen"


The Sevillian returns to Madrid loaded with responsibility after the null afternoon of Victorino on Palm Sunday and after an April Fair in which he failed to score

Start of pass of chest of Pepe Moral to a bull of Victorino, last Sunday of Branches in the Sales.

It is not known whether, fortunately or unfortunately, making the first pass in the fourth week of this Fair of San Isidro is an incentive with solid arguments not to arrive in Madrid as if it were another San Isidro to use.

Pepe Moral(Los Palacios, Sevilla 1987) is clear that it is not. He has seen what many companeros have done in the elections of the Isidril serial and understands that it is one more reason to step on the accelerator, with greater responsibility if possible when it is a fair like this and a place like Las Ventas. This Sunday he returns to Madrid with the run of Baltasar Ibn, flanked by Curro Daz and Romn, who replaces the injured Emilio de Justo. I had already done it in the month of April with the run of Victorino Martn, which did not work.

How is it within hours of inaugurating its San Isidro Fair 2019?
Well for now calm. When the time of the run approaches, find more nervousness and more sensations inside. But at the moment calm, with the duties done and wanting to arrive.
The run of El Pilar in Seville, for the game, did not work. And that of Miura, because of the complications that the bulls brought and an errtica sword deprived him of a greater triumph. With what sensations did I leave the Feria de Abril?
The corrida del Pilar was not what I expected. Apost a lot and receive little in return. And Miura's, a pity … The sword and the difficulty of the afternoon. I have the feeling that nothing happened and that's it. Now, to think about improving, to kill the bulls better and try to find within me the sensations that I look for.
S that it is true that the goring of Valdemorillo was a setback in the process of adaptation of the new season
Yes, of course. The truth is that it was a goring very untimely because today I still have sequels. My meniscus is broken and the cruciate ligament is also broken, partially, in degree two. And of course, I have aches every day and I have to be dealing with physiotherapy and medication. But today I'm better, with a much better training plan than the first month and I only hope that little by little I will improve, although when the bull comes out he forgets everything.
Barely a year ago,Chaparritoand you or you andChaparritoThey left an afternoon for the memory. A great bull that had a bullfighter that demanded him as he pedaled his caste. What images do you remember of that afternoon?
One of the most important afternoons for m. The bull gave me the opportunity to offer that feeling that I carry inside, bullfighting with grimaces. I remember it with a lot of cario. But it has already happened and we must look forward. The closest future is this first afternoon in Madrid.
As is. Baltasar Ibn's run and a sign modified unfortunately with the entry of Romn for the misfortune of Emilio de Justo. What does the afternoon say?
First, it is a pity that Emilio, because of the crashing of Cceres, can not be there because it was a very nice sign, but another great bullfighter has entered as is Romn who is throwing a very good Feria de San Isidro. Afterwards, the race I think is going to be very interesting for Madrid.
This year, the first triumphs at this fair have occurred prematurely in comparison to other editions, which has made bullfighters like you, who make the first pass at the end of the fair, arrive in Madrid with a march more.
The truth is that the fair is being very important because new bullfighters are emerging, bullfighters who are giving their faces … I am one of the few who torean two afternoons and at the end of the fair. And, after what has happened with the triumphs of my teammates, of course I: I go with more motivation, with more desire and with my foot more in depth in the accelerator to be able to have a place in other fairs as well.
Two commitments in Madrid and on the horizon of July, we can see those of Jos Escolar on their way to Pamplona. Do you consider necessary the numerical triumphs in these two places?
Yes, of course. Right now it's the only thing that counts. And if it is a triumph ephemeral, that is the recognition of the amateur. That they see Pepe Moral that I want, Pepe Moral that I am and the one that I have inside. To be able to express what I like to be and what I eat inside, which is that they have not been able to see it yet this year.

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