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Pepsi, which can be made at home, has also arrived in Hungary

PepsiCo acquired Israeli home soda machine maker SodaStream back in 2018, and a year later the company announced the launch of the first home-made concentrates for Pepsi, Pepsi Max, Miranda, Mirinda Diet, 7 Up and 7 Up Free Flavored Carbonated Soft Drinks. The products debuted in Sweden and Norway, then appeared in Germany and France, and from the summer of 2021, similarly to other countries, home-made versions of these soft drinks brands will be available in Hungary. Concentrates of up to 9 liters of soft drinks can be prepared from concentrates in 440 ml containers with SodaStream machines.

SodaStream is also an increasingly popular brand in Hungary, which offers machines in several categories that can be used to make soda, syrup, soft drinks or even energy drinks from clean tap water at home. The operation of the machines is not atomic physics: the carbon dioxide can be transferred to a special bottle (plastic or glass) filled with water with the help of redeemable cartridges, and the number of bubbles entering the liquid can also be controlled. In addition to the machines, it was possible to choose different concentrates to make all kinds of carbonated drinks, and this offer was now supplemented with soft drinks marketed by Pepsi.

SodaStream machines play an important role in the spread of their products, as their use can significantly reduce the environmental impact, as home soda-making can replace the purchase of carbonated mineral water, and although the plastic bottles supplied with the machine must be replaced after at least three years, during this time

a single household uses 2,500 PET bottles to protect the environment.

However, it is not the first time that SodaStream and Pepsi have been brought together to make products from a famous soft drink brand that can be made at home. Coca-Cola and Keruig had already tried something similar in 2015: the popular soft drink could be made at home with Keruig Kold machines, but the demand for the particularly expensive device and concentrates was so low that after a year the related products disappeared from the market. products.


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