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In 2018, Monica Husebø Broløkken (33) was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Since then, life has been marked by harsh treatments.

This summer, the relapse came. The doctor discovered cancer cells in the lymph around the heart and stomach.

Monica Husebø Broløkken hopes immunotherapy can keep the cancer at bay.

Photo: Anne Kari Løberg / NRK

Now she hopes immunotherapy can prolong life. But the mother of two from Gaupen in Hedmark has been refused this expensive treatment.

900,000 kroner must be collected.

– The least I could do

The solution for Monica’s father is to sell some of the girlfriend he owns. Per Reidar Johnsen (61) has put the dream car up for sale.

A golden Volvo Amazon from 1966

Per Reidar Johnsen and his Volvo Amazon

The bids for the vintage car from 1966 have hailed in. In recent years, it has been stored dry in a barn on Jæren.

Photo: Erik Waage / NRK

– It is both painful and good that father now sells the Volvo. He loves this car, says Monica.

– Should only be missing, father answers.

The family shows up for Monica

Now the bids are pouring in for the classic Volvo.

The whole extended family shows up financially for the daughter. Monica’s cousins ​​have started a fundraiser that has already raised over 60,000 kroner. The goal was for the shiny Amazon to provide at least 70,000 kroner more. A bid of 80,000 has now been received.

– We hope that she will live for many more years. Monica is only 33 years old, has small children, and it is too early to die now, says her father.

Monica has already been in contact with a private hospital that offers immunotherapy. She and her family want treatment to start as soon as possible.

But it costs.

Each treatment has a price tag of 300,000 kroner. Monica needs two or three rounds of immunotherapy.

– She wants to try everything, but is unsure if the doctors can stop the cancer, says father Per Reidar.

Not approved treatment

Immunotherapy is currently not approved for the treatment of cervical cancer at Norwegian public hospitals.

However, studies have shown promising results for patients with the diagnosis. Nevertheless, research has not come so far that all patients are offered the expensive treatment.

– All referred patients are assessed for possible participation, but it is not possible to admit all of them due to the entry criteria in the studies, writes chief physician Kristina Lindemann at the Cancer Clinic at Oslo University Hospital in an e-mail to NRK.

Lindemann emphasizes that she speaks on a general basis, and can not comment on why Monica is not among the patients who are offered immunotherapy.

Therefore, Monica Husebø Broløkken must be content with chemotherapy. They have to pay for the immunotherapy themselves.

– I think it is terrible that she does not get this treatment at the expense of the state. Now we have to pay. But that price is worth it if she can live longer, her father concludes.

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