Pere Colldecarrera, one of the last great landscape painters in Olot, dies

The artist from Girona, Pere Colldecarrera, died on Monday at the age of 87. Born in Olot in June 1932, Colldecarrera was one of the last great representatives of Olot landscaping, recognized especially for his mountain landscapes, both in the Garrotxa and Ripollès areas, but also in other parts of the region. gironines; a type of painting with which he exhibited not only in Girona, but also in Barcelona or Madrid.

A characteristic representative of the so-called Olot School, Colldecarrera stood out for the constant search for sensations in his landscapes, with a painting marked by twilight light and the dominance of the low ranges of greens and ocher.

With a significant amount of exhibitions and artistic production, his pieces explain in great detail a multitude of scenic themes of scenarios in La Garrotxa, such as Olot, Moixina, the lighthouse or Sant Privat d’en Bas, but also of Banyoles, for example; all a rural geography where elements like the mountain, the trees, the sky and sometimes the man, like farmer or shepherd, are the main protagonists.

One of the usual art galleries was El Claustre, based in the city of Girona and also in Figueres.

“He was the first artist to exhibit in the gallery, more than three decades ago, and had a continuous presence, both in Girona and in Figueres, but especially in the capital,” recalled yesterday Marià Mascort, of the gallery ‘art. “With him disappears one of the last exponents of the landscape school of Olot, which always enjoyed the favor of critics and the public,” he said. “He is especially remembered for the mountain atmosphere, but he was also a lover of Girona, whom he portrayed from the Devesa or Montjuïc, seeking other approaches,” he said.

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