Persi’s message to residents: If it’s full, don’t panic and get angry at the hospital – Secretary General of the Indonesian Hospital Association (PERSI) Lia Gardenia Partakusuma revealed that all hospitals on the island of Java were almost full today. It also continues to treat Covid-19 patients.

“All hospitals today are almost full, especially in Java, we thank the Minister of Health who has provided a lot of assistance in the form of manpower and other facilities,” he said in a virtual working meeting with Commission IX DPR RI, Monday (5/7).

Lia asked the public to understand that hospitals cannot treat all Covid-19 patients. Except, those with mild and severe symptoms.

“We may only ask that there is understanding to the public that we cannot treat all patients, we can only treat those with moderate, severe or critical symptoms,” he said.

Lia asked the public not to be angry if the hospital was full. He asked the public to understand the condition of the hospital.

“When it’s full, don’t panic, don’t be angry with the hospital, because we’re still on alert, we can’t serve people with anger,” he said.

Lia added that her party was still trying to significantly reduce Covid-19 positive patients in hospitals and prevent transmission. If the number of patients continues to grow, the hospital will collapse.

“If this hospital continues to grow, it is not impossible, how do we work with standards because this is already too much of a burden and we don’t know where to put patients anymore,” he said. (mdk / eko)

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