personalized breast prostheses under study at Toulouse University Hospital

Toulouse University Hospital recently launched a clinical trial for a personalized external breast prosthesis. The objective: to assess its impact on the quality of life of patients who have undergone mastectomy. Created by the Toulouse startup New Team Medical, this prosthesis is calibrated according to the other breast, unlike those already on the market.

Every year, 1500 patients are treated for breast cancer at the IUCT-Oncopole. They are 20 % having to undergo a mastectomy. Between this operation and the future breast reconstruction, the waiting period is often difficult. Losing or deforming a breast can affect body image and self-perception. To restore volume in their bra, some patients use a external breast prosthesis. But those on the market are not suitable for all women.

Standard, they are not not suitable for all body types. They also do not take into account the aesthetic details of the breast while, ideally, a prosthesis should not be able to be detected, not interfere with social life and be comfortable for the woman who has undergone a mastectomy. These prostheses are also often poorly calibrated in weight. They mimic the size of the breast, but not its weight. They can then cause postural disorders, pain and discomfort, with a undeniable impact on quality of life.

A tailor-made prosthesis made in Saint-Jory

Based on this observation and faced with breast cancer in those close to her, Leonarda Sanchez, the president of New Team Medical, decided to act to improve the well-being of these women. After 18 months of research and development, the Toulouse startup has created a innovative tailor-made breast prosthesis. Named Meavanti, it combines know-how and advanced technologies. “We are convinced that the use of 3D additive production techniques and the know-how of various industries allow us to create comfortable prostheses at affordable prices that closely resemble the natural breast of each patient “, underlines the president of New Team Medical.

Made in Saint-Jory, the prosthesis is calibrated depending on shape, color and weight to within a few grams, on the other breast. “Meavanti has several attributes such as the color of the skin which is taken into account for the customization and the creation of the nipple, but also the calibration of each prosthesis which is a asset for patient comfort“, indicates Leonarda Sanchez. This prosthesis can be worn as soon as the wound is healed, and this, until breast reconstruction. To get it, just go to one of New Team Medical’s partner pharmacies and of order it with or without a prescription.

A clinical study launched by the Toulouse University Hospital

This innovation, patented in France and internationally, greatly interested Professor Charlotte Vaysse, a surgeon specializing in breast cancer and breast reconstruction at the Toulouse University Hospital. It has just launched an unprecedented clinical trial to assess whether the Meavanti prosthesis improves the quality of life of patients compared to the standard prosthesis, but also to observe a reduction in pain related to posture. “The development of this study is unique in France. The expected repercussions can be major, both on the quality of life of patients, but also in medico-economic terms ”, explains Professor Charlotte Vaysse.

Indeed, these prostheses are not not supported by Social Security. The clinical study could therefore “make it possible to request a referencing of this personalized prosthesis so that it can be reimbursed in the same way as existing ones“, specifies the surgeon. The first inclusions of prostheses took place the last week of January in Toulouse. The total duration of the research project is estimated at 13 months.

Modified on 02/08/2021

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