persuaded the students to have sex. The recording plunged her

The woman romanced the boys, took them from school during lunch breaks, and then had sex with them in her car. They were also invited to her car while she was waiting for her own child.

The shocking event took place in New Zealand, and the “Daily Mail” informed about the case. A 38-year-old teacher at Marlborough Boys College in Blenheim had been exploiting students for years. Jaimee Cooney confessed to having sexual relations with two 14-year-old boys at the same time – she formed a love triangle with them …

The boys recorded everything

The whole thing came to light after an erotic video with a woman in the lead role circulated among the students.

The woman reportedly threatened one of the students that he would commit suicide if he was not with her. The 14-year-old, probably in order to take revenge on the teacher, released the recording of Cooney in the lead role among the students, which ultimately ruined her career. – There was a significant breach of trust, the accused tried to manipulate the victims, control them, threatening to self-harm – emphasized prosecutor Mark O’Donoghue in the courtroom.

Attorney Cooney stated that such a thing could not have happened as the boys are “much bigger” than the accused and play sports, so there could be no violence or intimidation from the woman. The judge said, however, that the boys “have the bodies of men, but the minds of children,” so their relationship with the teacher was not equal, reports “The New Zealand Herald”.

Disclosure of the image

The woman tried to remain anonymous during the trial, but the court rejected her request and made her name and surname public. Jaimee Cooney was sentenced to 2.5 years in prison and placed on the pedophile list. The teacher admitted having sexual contact with more students. However, her other lovers had already reached the age of consent. Therefore, she was only convicted of having sex with boys who were 14 years old at the time of seduction.

(źródło: Daily Mail, The New Zealand Herald)

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