Pertamina Tanker Charged by World’s 2nd Largest Oil Trader

Pertamina International Shipping (PIS) is expanding its business in the world. Through its business branch in Singapore, PIS Pte Ltd Singapore, the company leases tankers to multinational companies commodity trading based in Geneva, Switzerland, Trafigura Group Pte Ltd.

The PIS tanker named MT Gamsunoro is rented out on a private basis time charter to Trafigura. MT Gamsunoro is a type of ship dirty petroleum product (DPP) Aframax Tanker with a dead weight of 105,638 metric tons made in 2014.

“The delivery of the MT Gamsunoro ship to Trafigura will be carried out on August 15, 2021 in Singapore with the plan: trading area Arabian Gulf to East Asia,” said PIS President Director, Erry Widiastono, in a written statement, Monday (6/9).

Erry Widiastono said that his party is currently continuing to encourage cooperation with multinational companies. Especially in the Asian region, in order to strengthen business and realize PIS’ vision as an integrated marine logistics company.

Director of Operations of PIS Arief Kurnia Risdianto mentioned as one of the companies commodity trading world’s largest, Trafigura adheres to stringent safety standards. For example, the ship’s obligation to meet standards Ship Inspection Report Programme (SIRE).

“And MT Gamsunoro can meet these requirements through an inspection carried out on July 14, 2021,” he said.

This SIRE inspection is carried out to review the ship’s cargo system, engine room, navigation equipment, fire fighting system and safety equipment carried out by specially certified experts. Rise SIRE approval This confirms that the quality of MT Gamsunoro’s ship has complied with the standards and requirements that apply in the international shipping industry.

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MT Gamsunoro is one of the vessels commercialized to penetrate international markets. Prior to doing business with Trafigura, this vessel had done business with other international charterers in the form of charter boats time charter for 4 months for the Arabian gulf area to Japan.

Through the collaboration that has been built with Trafigura, the company is committed to continuing to provide the best service to international consumers through service excellence and safety operations as well as increasing market penetration in the region in order to realize the company’s vision.

“Through this partnership that has been built, PIS will provide the best service to consumers so that they can continue with other business potentials with Trafigura,” said Erry.

Sekilas Trafigura Group

Trafigura is a multinational commodity trading company based in Geneva, Switzerland. The company focuses on base metals and energy, and is named the world’s largest private metals trading company, and the second largest for oil.

The company, which was founded in 1993, has other business lines in the fields of pipelines, mines, smelters, ports, and others storage terminals.

In 2018 the company achieved operating income of US$1.49 billion. In 2020, Trafigura managed to achieve a net income of US$ 1.6 billion (approximately Rp 23 trillion) with total assets reaching US$ 57 billion (Rp 812 trillion).


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