Peru, court accuses Gates and Soros: “They created the Coronavirus”

Peru, a court accuses “the criminal elites”

During a criminal trial for rape, a Criminal Court of Appeal in Peru, according to Sputniknews, has issued a resolution in which it is stated that the Covid-19 pandemic was created by Bill Gates, George Soros and the global elites.

The court, according to what is learned from RPP Noticias, said: “The criminal trial has been paralyzed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, created by elite criminals, who dominate the world; and which has paralyzed activities in almost every country. Therefore, no world government, natural and legal persons, nor the defense of the accused, can argue that this pandemic has the quality of “predictable”, except its creators of the new world order as Bill Gate, Soros e Rockefeller, who have managed it and continue to manage it with extreme secrecy within their environments and multinationals, with projections for the 2030 project “.

The passage, reports Sputniknews, belongs to a sentence pronounced by the Superior Court of Appeal of the cities of Chincha and Pisco, located in the department of Ica (south), which established the extension of the pre-trial detention of a man under investigation for alleged rape of a woman.

Peru, the investigation of the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of the Ica region of Peru has opened an investigation into the matter with the aim, reports Sputniknews, to “gather evidence to determine the existence or otherwise of alleged irregularities”. The defense lawyer, who filed a request for the sentence to be annulled, speaks of “irregularities and violations of the rights of the accused”. He told the national media: “Instead of introducing arguments related to the case, speculative statements have been introduced”.

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