Peruvian National Team Gianluca Lapadula Checho Ibarra his two reasons why he believes they did not pass the ball to Lapadula against Argentina Qualifying Qatar 2022

Peru still without winning in the Playoffs after losing 2-0 to Argentina. In social networks, users did not hesitate to demonstrate and came to the conclusion that the ball did not reach Gianluca Lapadula.

Various characters also spoke out on the matter and Sergio Ibarra was no stranger to the issue. The & # 39; Checho & # 39; disclosed his two reasons why he believes they did not pass the ball to Lapadula, who searched for the goal throughout the game but did not have a clear one.

“I have played 28 years in the position of ‘9’ and there are only 2 reasons why the ball does not reach you. The players do not want to pass it to you or the players do not have the capacity to do so and I think that in the national team it does. there is capacity to give a pass, “he said Sergio Ibarra.

For ‘Checho’, the Peruvian National Team has good footballers who can define the future of a match; however, no clear ball reached ‘Bambino’, who has already flown to Italy to rejoin Benevento.

As is known, Lapadula played two official matches for Peru and was no longer eligible for Italy. Meanwhile, La Blanquirroja added its third defeat in this competition and is placed penultimate in the table, above Bolivia.

Those led by Ricardo Gareca They will have action again in March 2021, where they will face Bolivia, in La Paz, and Venezuela, in Lima. The objective is to add the 6 points to start climbing positions.

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Gianluca Lapadula before Chile

Gianluca Lapadula entered at 60 ‘of the complement by Raúl Ruidíaz, who was annulled by Maripán and Díaz. The ‘Bambino’ only had a hand to expensive with Claudio Bravo, goalkeeper of ‘La Roja’.

Lapadula against Argentina

The Benevento striker played the 90 ‘and always created danger in the rival area. He moved throughout the attack front, either on the wings and as the only point.

When will the Peruvian National Team play again?

The team led by Ricardo Gareca will meet again in March 2021 to visit Bolivia in La Paz and receive Venezuela at the National Stadium in Lima.


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