Peruvian National Team Juan Carlos Oblitas spoke of Jefferson Farfán has inflamed knee that was operated Qatar 2022 Qualifiers

For this first double date, Jefferson Farfan it did not come well. The national striker complained of discomfort in his left knee, the same one that was operated on in Barcelona in 2019; however, he put on the shirt and played sense against Paraguay and against Brazil was headline.

Now the thought of Jefferson Farfan is to recover and start working in Videna thinking about the next double date of the Qualifiers, where the Peruvian National Team will have two other complicated rivals: Chile in Santiago and Argentina in Lima. After that, the forward would be thinking about having his left knee checked.

“Jefferson (Farfán) what he wants is for these four games to go through, the two that we have already played and the two that are coming, to be reviewed,” Juan Carlos Oblitas said in an interview he gave to Movistar Deportes.

As is known, the discomfort of his left knee is the same that marginalized him from the Copa América 2019 where in a play with Casemiro he took him out of the game, and where, in addition, he spent a year without playing.

The next game of the national team is against Chile next November 12 in Santiago and the 17 before Argentina in Lima. After that, there will be no more games until March next year, enough time to visit a doctor to have his injured knee evaluated.

The idea that surrounds Jefferson Farfán’s head is to spend enough time with the national team and not overload, at least, until he recovers Paolo Guerrero that is also felt. The 9 has been recently operated on and has no return date yet.


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