Thursday, 15 Nov 2018

Pervers who invited "kid" home glued by pedophile hunters for the second time

A pervert was caught a second time by pedophile hunters – after having invited home what he thought was a child.

Paul Southern was locked again after violating a Sexual Offenses Prevention Ordinance.

The 40-year-old was jailed last year for trying to meet what he thought were two minor boys.

Despite the lifetime ban of having contact with children as a result of this offense, Southern was again caught by the same group.

He has now been in prison for 16 months at the Newcastle Crown Court after admitting to having violated his Sexual Offenses Prevention Ordinance.

The pervert had been forbidden to come into contact with children

Judge Tim Gittins stated that it was "likely that significant sexual contact would have occurred" if Southern had been able to meet a child.

The judge added: "It is not just a violation of a sexual abuse prevention ordinance but of a similar attempt at the same type of offense as the one you tried to commit last year, trying to sexually prepare a boy under 16 years old.

"It is clear that you are ready and willing, if there are underage people on the site, to contact them in order to bring you together so that sexual behavior takes place between you two. . "

The court learned that Southern was on the Grindr dating app when he contacted a luring profile created by Guardians of the North.

Southern communicated with a lure of pedophile hunters, Guardians of the North

Attorney Mark Giuliani said: "The group was able to establish his address, where he lived.

"They went around because he invited the 14-year-old boy, or the person he thought was a 14-year-old boy, to have tea."

The court heard that instead of a schoolboy coming to the house to have tea, members of the self-defense group arrived at the door and alerted the police.

Southern, of Hendon Burn Avenue, Sunderland, admitted to violating a Sexual Damage Prevention Ordinance.

He remains subject to the Sexual Damage Prevention Ordinance and must sign the sex offender registry, both for an indefinite period.

Alec Burns, in defense, said that Southern "was not actively looking for children" when he went to the adult-only site, and that he was "asking for tea".

Mr. Burns added, "Initially, he told the person that he should not be on the dating site, that he could be hurt by adults, but he sued and asked him to come to his place. "

Mr. Burns stated that Southern had been abused by his neighbors because of his past and that he was living a "lonely" existence.

The court heard that Southern was so drunk when he asked for tea drinking that he did not remember "absolutely not".

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