Pfizer vaccine volunteers describe what happens when a dose is obtained

The image of the new Corona virus vaccine produced by the company “Pfizer” has begun to be completed, as it has proven to be 90% effective in the trial phase, and on the vaccine trip there are volunteers describing the side effects of getting doses of that vaccine.

Volunteers in a trial of the Pfizer vaccine for the Coronavirus said that they experienced side effects similar to the influenza vaccine, while one of them compared it to the same as the effect of excessive doses of alcoholic beverages.

The volunteers felt proud of being part of the experience, and one of them likened that experience to the end of the First World War in its importance to humanity, and each of them described what they felt when they received the vaccine.

“Carrie”, 45 years old, from Missouri, USA, said that she suffered from headache, fever and aches in her body, and indicated that the side effects after the first vaccine were like those resulting from the flu vaccine, and more severe after the second.

While Glenn Deschilds, a lobbyist from Austin, Texas, compared the side effects to a “severe hangover,” the 44-year-old added that he had later set an appointment for an antibody test through his doctor and came back positive, so he was confident that it was He did not receive the placebo.

He said his immune reaction to the vaccine made him confident about the vaccine, but he was nonetheless very excited by the news that the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine was more than 90 percent effective in preventing infection during the large-scale clinical trial.

More than 43,500 people in six countries participated in the pilot phase III run by the pharmaceutical giant and its partner BioNTech.


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