PFR will send Russians new “Putin” payments in the morning of July 1 – the last day of the vote on amendments

Vladimir Putin and Maxim

A new “Putin’s” payment of 10 thousand rubles to families with children under 16 years old will have to go to the accounts of Russians on the morning of July 1, on the last day of voting to amend the Constitution of the Russian Federation. Payments should begin at five in the morning. This was stated at a closed meeting of the leadership of the Pension Fund of Russia on June 23. Meeting recordings are available to

The meeting was conducted remotely by the Chairman of the Board of the Pension Fund of Russia Maxim Topilin. He said that all the preparatory work for the new payment should be completed by the end of the day on Sunday (June 28). According to him, the federal treasury and the largest banks Sberbank and VTB will participate in the work.

“For now, you have to prepare appointments and payments with deadlines on the 30th,” said Topilin. – I think that I do not need to explain live why the 30th. You know that we will have the first day [июля]. What event in the country takes place on the first day. ”

“We are preparing to pay the first day, in cooperation with the Treasury and banks. […] But at the same time, we never tell anyone that we paid a lot on the first day. We say we pay and pay. Nobody emphasizes anywhere, in the media, the topic of the first day! Colleagues, is it clear to everyone in the regions? This should not sound in the press in conjunction with the first number. It’s just our current work, we have to do it, but this is such a story, ”explained the head of the FIU.

“We will transfer to the Treasury on the 29th (June), treasurers will transfer to the banks on the 30th, and banks will pay on the morning of the first (July). At night, from five in the morning on the first day. The first day we have is exactly the same working day, and it will start at 4-5 in the morning local time. People will be the first to receive, ”Topilin once again specified.

In another part of the meeting, it is discussed that such a payment schedule has been communicated to state-owned banks – Sberbank and VTB. Judging by the record, paying the allowance on this day is technically and organizationally difficult, but officials are going to make every effort to make payments on time.

Why July 1 is so important

July 1 in Russia is the main voting day for amendments to the Constitution, the main of which is the “zeroing” of the terms of President Vladimir Putin. The government is interested in as many people as possible coming to the polls and supporting the amendments.

The fact that Russian families with children will receive an additional payment, Vladimir Putin said during an appeal to Russian citizens on June 23. “And finally, the lump sum support in June was 10 thousand rubles for each child from three to 16 years old,” he said. – These funds in difficult times have become a help for Russian families. At the same time, the economy has not yet fully earned, and unemployment has grown. Difficulties have not yet receded. In this regard, I consider it necessary once again, in July, to pay an additional 10 thousand rubles for each child from birth to 16 years. In total, this measure can be taken by Russian families with about 28 million children. ” sent a request to the FIU with a request to comment on the payment decision on July 1.

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