Phase 2: Inail-Iss, this is how we will stay on the beach and how we will have dinner in the restaurant. Companies: unsustainable guidelines – Economy

“Unsustainable” protocols, which would reduce restaurant seats by a third and even more in bathing establishments, causing “serious damage” to the whole sector. This is, according to what is learned, the message that the business associations are giving to the government, during the meeting with Minister Stefano Patuanelli. If you really wanted to reopen following the Inail-Iss indications, it is the message, it would be essential to support businesses economically in the restart.

Inail and Iss have published two technical documents, one on bathing, the other on Restaurants. In the first case it is a risk analysis and presents the contagion containment measures in recreational bathing activities and on the beach. The other is a hypothesis of remodeling of measures in the restaurant sector.


Swimming pools closed in the factories – The use of swimming pools in establishments will be prohibited. “To ensure the correct social distancing on the beach, we read, the minimum recommended distance between the rows of umbrellas is five meters and that between the umbrellas in the same row at four and a half meters. It is also necessary to avoid the practice of recreational and sporting activities that can lead to gatherings and group games and, for the same reason, the use of swimming pools that may be present inside the establishment must be inhibited “.

In establishments with reservations – Establishments open with entrance upon reservation, umbrellas spaced at least five meters apart, swimming pools closed and sanitation of the beds if they are given to a new user. “In order to allow a quota access to the bathing establishments and to the equipped beaches, we read in a note from Inail – compulsory booking is suggested, also for time slots. It is also recommended to favor the use of fast card payment systems contactless or through web portals / apps. The entry and exit routes must also be differentiated, where possible, by providing clear signs. To guarantee correct social distancing on the beach – he continues – the minimum recommended distance between the rows of umbrellas is equal to five meters and the one between the umbrellas in the same row at four and a half meters. It is also advisable to privilege the assignment of the same umbrella to the same occupants who stay for several days. In any case it is necessary to sanitize the surfaces before assigning the same equipment to another user, even during the same day. The practice of a ludic-sport activities that can give rise to group gatherings and games and, for the same reason, the use of swimming pools that may be present inside the establishment must be inhibited “.

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Distance between beds on the shoreline two meters – For beds and deckchairs not positioned under the umbrella, the distance of at least two meters must be guaranteed. The minimum distance between the rows of umbrellas will be equal to five meters while it will be 4.5 meters in the same row. Deck chairs and sun loungers must be at least two meters apart and distances may “be waived only for members of the same family or co-inhabitant”. For cabins, promiscuous use must be prohibited with the exception of members of the same family unit or for persons who share the same housing unit. It is forbidden – reads the document – recreational sports, group games, parties and events. The swimming pools will be closed and for the use of toilets and showers the social distancing of at least 2 meters must be respected, unless separating barriers are foreseen between the stations.

Sea reservation also for time slots – To facilitate quota access in the factories “booking, even for time slots, preferably mandatory, can be a useful organizational tool also for the purpose of sustainability and prevention of gatherings, also favoring easy user registration, also for the purpose of retrospectively trace any contacts following contagion. ”

Children on the beach with social distancing – “Supervision on the rules of social distancing of children in all circumstances must be guaranteed” – This is stated in the document Inail-Iss on bathing and bathing establishments in phase two of the emergency from Covid 19. The document also reminds that it is necessary on the whole “avoid promiscuity in the use of any beach equipment, possibly proceeding with the univocal identification of each equipment”.

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Free local decisions on beaches – Taking into account the specific characteristics of the free beaches “the methods of access and use must be precisely defined locally, identifying the most suitable and effective ones”. Signs in different languages ​​must be posted in the access points to the free beaches – it reads – containing clear indications on the behavior to be followed, in particular the social distancing of at least one meter and the ban on gathering. The perimeter of each set-up (umbrella / deck chair / chair) must be mapped and traced – for example with positioning of ribbons – which will be coded in compliance with the rules laid down for the bathing establishments, to allow users to correctly position their own equipment in compliance with the distancing and in order to avoid aggregation. This provision will make it possible to identify the maximum capacity of the beach even by defining hourly shifts and to book coded spaces, also through the use of online apps / platforms, which will also favor contact tracing in the event of a contagion case. Provisions will also have to be considered to limit the stopping of bathers on the shoreline to avoid gatherings “. Appropriate measures must be ensured for cleaning the beach and sanitizing common facilities, such as toilets, if any. Where possible, the document concludes, entrust the management of these beaches to bodies / entities that can use adequately trained personnel, also assessing the possibility of involving voluntary associations, third sector entities, etc., also in order to inform users about the behaviors to follow “.

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4 meters per customer in restaurants, no buffet – The space for each customer in restaurants must more than triple from 1.2 meters to four while the buffet service will have to be eliminated. The Inail and ISS document on catering also highlights the importance of introducing mandatory reservations. “The layout of the restaurant premises – reads – should be reviewed guaranteeing the spacing between the tables – also in consideration of the space of movement of the staff – not less than 2 meters and guaranteeing in any case among the customers during the meal (which necessarily takes place without a mask ), a distance capable of avoiding the transmission of droplets and by contact between people, also including indirect transmission through dishes, cutlery. A predetermined maximum capacity limit must be defined, providing for a space that normally should not be less than 4 meters squares for each customer, without prejudice to the possibility of adopting organizational measures such as, for example, dividing barriers. The shift in the service in an innovative way and with preferably compulsory reservation can be a useful organizational tool also for the purpose of sustainability and prevention of gatherings of people waiting outside the club “. It should be eliminated – it is still read – methods of buffet service or similar.


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