Phil Spencer confirms Bethesda games will only come to Xbox

Last month Microsoft unleashed one of the biggest bombings in the video game industry in recent years. Not surprisingly, the acquisition of ZeniMax Studios, Bethesda’s parent company, ID Software and more developed, was a very good coup. One that expanded the number of internal studies of the Redmond up to 23, in addition to providing a catalog of titles and impressive IP’s.

Not surprisingly, licenses include Doom, Fallout or The Elder Scrolls. Games that, since the purchase was announced, there has been doubt about where they can be played. Will they be playable on PS5? This is what many have wondered in recent weeks.

The purchase of Bethesda was made to bring their titles to more players

In a recent interview with Kotaku, Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox division, has spoken on this subject, making clear several points about this agreement to acquire ZeniMax Studios and Bethesda. The first, and most important, is that the deal was not made with the idea in mind of taking these games away from some players, but rather that they wanted to make more people able to play them. How? In the Xbox ecosystem, either on PC, on mobile phones via xCloud or on the Xbox console base with Xbox Game Pass.

This deal was not made to take games away from another player base. Nowhere in the documentation we gathered was the question “How can we prevent other players from playing these games?” We want more people to be able to play, not less to be able to.

But I will also say that in which model. […] When I think about where people will play and the myriad of options we have, xCloud, PC, Xbox Game Pass, and our base consoles, we don’t have to push those games to any other platform other than the ones we support for the deal to work for U.S.

With these statements, it is clear that the games that the companies develop under the Bethesda seal will be exclusive to the Xbox ecosystem. In other words, beyond the pre-purchase agreements, a common practice at Microsoft, the next titles from ID Software and other companies will reach Xbox gaming systems.

This answer from Phil Spencer came from the question of whether it was possible to recoup the investment, of 7.5 billion dollars, without selling The Elder Scrolls VI on PS5. Something to which the Xbox boss quickly responded with a resounding yes, to then explain his affirmation with the statements that we have quoted above.

Without a doubt, it is clear that Microsoft does not need to sell in other systems, since with its ecosystem, as Phil Spencer affirms, it is more than enough.

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