Phillip Danault wants to negotiate his new contract now

The Phillip Danault case is not going very well at the moment. Considering the fact that there are no negotiations between the CH and the Danault clan, it is clear that an agreement is not imminent.

Moreover, even if Marc Bergevin made a big plea in favor of Phillip Danault, recalling that he has always loved him, the fact remains that his actions do not demonstrate his love, let’s say.

After all, Mathias Brunet is right: he is not as much of a priority as Brendan Gallagher.

Is it right? The question is valid.

After all, while it’s clear Danault won’t win as much as Gallagher, the fact remains that he is the Canadiens’ most used forward. He’s playing short of a man and he wants to be a potential Selke contender.

And that makes him a player whose CH cannot do without.

Within a center line that is inexperienced, it’s still worth gold. As Max Van Houtte said, Claude Julien definitely does not want to lose a soldier of his caliber.

What to do from there?

The question is to establish his value and how much power he has in the negotiations.

Can we say to ourselves that the longer he waits, the less power he has? Possibly.

After all, in the meantime, things can turn against him.

But the problem remains the same: it is necessary to establish what it is worth, but also what the CH can / wants to pay.

Could a five million dollars a year (or a little more) be in the sights of the center? Possibly, yes.

And that’s what comes out pretty much everywhere.

But OK. Ultimately, the CH and the Danault clan must negotiate to achieve something.

And for now, the two clans are not negotiating. To the great misfortune of the principal concerned.

And it is not for lack of effort that nothing is happening. In fact, according to Danault’s agent, the player’s clan is waiting for the DG de la Flanelle.

It would be Phillip’s preference to negotiate a contract at this point with the Canadiens. We are making efforts in this regard. – Don Meehan

How long will he wait? With the GM having to take a vacation (well deserved, we agree on that) and the season not about to start, it’s clear Danault could wait.

Because it is also there, the problem: what will be its role? So what will his salary be?

Gallagher confessed to being lucky to be done with the negotiations. But for Danault, it has only just begun.

And he’ll hear about it until he signs.

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– Excellent news, that.

– Interested?

– His beautiful year has been rewarded.

– Yes, free agents are above all a business. [ESPN]

– 16 players? Wow.

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