PHOTO: charming Jolanta Gulbe-Paškeviča presents her new album in Liepaja

Greeting the listeners, the singer together with the accompanying quartet played Raimonds Pauls’ song “Invitation” with Aspazija’s words. Opening the concert, Jolanta Gulbe-Paškeviča expressed her pleasure to be together in the presentation of the new album “Gaisma krīt” and emphasized that it contains several references to Liepāja – a city about which the singer has many special memories from the time when the soloist studied vocals at the Music High School for five years. art.

“This is where I became a musician, and many talented musicians and bands came from this city,” adding that one of them is the band “Remix”, Gulbe Paškeviča played a song by Aivars Hermans with Igo’s words “In the Morning” by the talented pianist and composer Kristaps In the arrangement of Vanadziņš. Continuing to emphasize the work of a skilled arranger, the singer delighted the audience with Aigars Voitiškis’ “How strangely light falls” in an unheard sound. In the duet with Vanadziņš, Jolanta performed Raimonds Pauls ‘”If You Weren’t” and the iconic Mārtiņš Brauns’ “Song about the Game”.

During the concert, the artist repeatedly emphasized that these compositions are iconic and required special courage to perform them. The concert also lacked a humor-filled story from the everyday life of jazz musicians. Continuing the veneration of Latvian composers, Zigmārs Liepiņš’s “Stars behind the Daugava” performed by Mirdza Zīvere was performed, but the concert ended with the singing of musicians and the public in the song “Nolija rain” composed by Jolanta Gulbe’s schoolmate from Liepaja Zigmunds Latuškēvics. With applause, Imants Kalniņš and Vizma Belševica’s “Dūdieviņš” were sounded, but as a sweet dish – Zigmāra Liepiņš’s “Cherry Rain”.

“Thank you, dear Liepāja, for being with us, it means a lot to us! Thank you for being! ” saying goodbye to the audience, stressed the singer. At the end of the evening, visitors had the opportunity to meet artists, buy a new music album “Gaisma falls”, receive autographs, take photos together and exchange words of gratitude and encouragement.

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