Photo: Residential house rebuilt in Liepaja

Liepaja The Construction Board Commission has accepted the reconstruction of the residential house at Dzintaru Street 9, Liepāja, into operation (Thursday, October 8).

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Four-storey building (fourth floor – attic in the roof part) Dzintari and Kr. Built on the corner of Barona Street according to an individual project, in operation – since 1929. For the last several years, the house has been uninhabited, with broken windows and closed doors.

The main building of the building adjoins the side of Dzintaru Street, there is an extension in the yard; a total of six four-room apartments have been created in both buildings, each of which is approximately 140 m2 large, in the attic – the seventh apartment. There are parking lots in the yard and the area around the house is landscaped and green.

In order to ensure the functions of a multi-apartment residential house, all the interiors have been re-planned during the reconstruction of the building; the former passage to the yard has been built, providing additional premises for one apartment; combined two outbuildings on the fence side in one building, which in turn is connected to the street house. At the basement level and elsewhere in the building, the ceilings have been fixed, as well as other structures, connections and building elements have been repaired. Attached terraces (balconies) near the apartments in the main building – Kr. On the side of Barona Street. The original terraces were destroyed during the Second World War, they were made of wood and for many decades the lack of these building elements distorted the overall architectural appearance of the building. By adding a new volume with an elevator to the main building on the Dzintaru Street side (approximately where the entrance to the courtyard was previously located), the requirements for environmental accessibility have been ensured.

Following the simplified project documentation, the facade of the building has been renovated, and the roof and windows have been replaced.

On the first, second and third floor level of Dzintaru Street, new balconies have been added. Their decorative railings and curves are based on the original pattern, which had been preserved from earlier times on the facade of the third floor apartment. Unfortunately, these original railings were thoroughly rusty and technically damaged, so they were not restored. During the reconstruction, the main entrance door and original parts have been restored. Inside the building, the main entrance has a semi-spiral staircase with metal wrought decorative railings and an oval window in the staircase.

The building, which has been rebuilt and handed over on Dzintaru Street, complements the housing stock available in the city in the segment of higher-class and large apartments.

Construction initiator: SIA “Dzintaru iela”

Designer: SIA “ADD Ltd”, responsible designer Druvis Dobelis

Construction contractor: SIA “RD Nams”

Construction works started: 16.03.2020. and completed: 23.09.2020.

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