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Piedmont at high risk in the orange area

Piedmont risks the orange zone starting from 17 January.

Orange zone, all the rules in force: what changes for vaccinated and not

Infections and hospitalizations in fact continue to rise, causing the region to slide more and more towards the area at greatest risk as regards the spread of the virus. There are three criteria for the transition from the yellow zone to the orange zone: the incidence of infections per 100 thousand inhabitants, the occupancy rate of intensive care beds and ordinary hospitalizations. Piedmont has largely exceeded the incidence threshold of infections: according to last week’s report there were over 1800 per 100 thousand inhabitants (the report always refers to the week preceding the one of issue, ed), while the threshold is 150 per 100 thousand inhabitants .

The 20% occupancy threshold for ICU beds has certainly also been exceeded: last week in Piedmont the employment rate was 21.7%. Only the last parameter remains in the balance, namely the occupancy rate of ordinary beds, which last week was 26%, just below the 30% threshold. The probabilities that the threshold will be exceeded, given the increase in hospitalizations, are very high: in the event that the report of Friday 14 confirms that the threshold of ordinary hospitalizations has also been exceeded, from January 17 Piedmont will pass into the orange zone.


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