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Pilates: discover 3 exercises to strengthen the joints

Whether due to intense physical activity or natural aging of the body, sooner or later we will be hit by joint pain or injury. nonetheless, Pilates has been shown to be an effective and safe approach that promotes improved joint health and prevents injuries.

the advantages of pilates

Pilates is a global and dynamic method that strengthens muscles, relieves pain and, in addition, improves joint stiffness. Physical therapist Josi Araujo, from Pi Pilates, points out that this method is considered safe, effective and low impact. Hence, it is an ideal option for people with chronic joint injuries.

“Pilates works to strengthen muscles, provide pain relief and improve joint stiffness. Over time, joints naturally tend to wear out, which can cause pain and inflammation.

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According to him, the method requires positive coordination, as well as stability and readiness for the overload that these repetitive movements provide. In this way, it promotes respiratory control, postural alignment and muscle rebalancing.

The modality is also recommended for people with existing joint problems. “Pilates works the body in a global way, improving not only strength, but also flexibility and pain relief”, emphasizes the physiotherapist.

In this regard, it is highly recommended for people with joint problems, as mobility exercises increase the range of motion of the joints. the jointsreduce stiffness and overload on tendons and ligaments.

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Is there a contraindication?

One of the great advantages of pilates is that people of all ages can practice it. This means, from children, from 7 years old, to elderly people who are looking to maintain their quality of life, everyone can benefit from this method. “Pilates is for everyone. This is because it is adaptable to the individual needs of each person, working in a personalized way to achieve the goals of each student”, says the teacher.

For those who have joint problems and want to practice pilates, the physiotherapist points out that there are no absolute contraindications. nonetheless, it is necessary to be careful when applying some movements, taking into account the particularities of each person.

pilates exercises strengthen the joints

When it comes to strengthening your joints in pilates, there are a wide range of exercises that can be very beneficial. They are intended to strengthen the muscles to improve joint support, minimize wear and unwanted overloads. Josi teaches three ways that can help reduce pain and injury. Check out:

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Exercise 1 – Side kick: front and back (up and down side kick)

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Purpose: Strengthen gluteus medius and minimus, superior and lateral gluteus maximus fibers, tensor fascia latae and sartorius. Adductor stretch.

How to do it: Lie on your side in a straight line, lower arms bent under your head, keep your lower legs extended and rest on the ground with your upper legs aligned with your hips.

Exercise 2 – Swimming

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Purpose: To strengthen paraspinals, anterior and middle deltoids and gluteus maximus.

How to do it: Lie on your back, arms extended above your head and legs extended.

Exercise 3 – Roll – Deep Squat

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Purpose: Strengthen quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes.

How to do it: Stand with one foot on the roller and the other in front of you. Push the roller backwards until you reach a 90-degree position on your front knee, and slowly return to the starting position.

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