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Pill Can Reduce Cancer Risk | Know “https://news.google.com/SWR2” SWR

An estimated 150 million women worldwide take the pill regularly, protecting themselves against unwanted pregnancy – and long-term against cancer. This is confirmed by a study recently published by the University of Aberdeen in Great Britain.

The British researchers have compiled an impressive amount of data for this: Over 46,000 women were asked to participate in the study as early as the late 1960s, half taking the pill and the other not. Until 2012, for over 40 years, regular health checks were carried out on these women and precise recordings were made of whether, and if so when, which cancer occurred in whom.

Analysis of the data showed that women had less ovarian and colon cancer, or tumors on the endometrium. While taking the pill, the risk of developing breast and cervical cancer was slightly increased. However, this risk decreased to normal a few years after stopping the pill.

The pill appears to protect against cancer in the long term

In the study that has now been published, the researchers therefore come to the clear conclusion that taking hormonal contraceptives definitely does not increase the risk of cancer, on the contrary: taking some pills even seems to protect against some types of cancer, such as colon cancer or ovarian cancer.

Contraception and cancer prevention with the pill (Photo: Colourbox, Photo: Colourbox.de -)

Contraception and cancer prevention with the pill

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Even women who have taken the pill and have long since stopped taking it need not worry in the long term. The data show, emphasizes Dr. Lisa Iversen, who has accompanied the study at Aberdeen University in recent years, says that women still have a significantly lower risk of cancer even 30 years after taking the pill.

Every woman has to decide for herself whether she uses contraception – and if so, by what means. The great British research project shows that fear of cancer should not be a reason to refrain from taking the pill as a safe method of contraception.


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