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JERUSALEM – Sara Netanyahu, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's wife from Israel, took a plea on Wednesday morning and pays about $ 15,000 in fines and restitution to resolve allegations that she abused about $ 100,000 in funds management of the couple's official residence.

Prosecutors said Mr Netanyahu, who had committed fraud, had hidden a chef on the payroll so that she could order hundreds of catering meals from expensive restaurants and cut them to the state.

Under the dealings with the Attorney General's Office, the public money in question was reduced to about $ 50,000, and Mr Netanyahu agreed that he pleaded guilty to lesser care, in particular that she had earned 'No one else's business mistake. She has to pay about $ 2,800 in fines and $ 12,500 in compensation.

Ms Netanyahu, 60, was abolished for charges of fraud and breach of trust a year ago in the case, which covered the years 2010 to 2013. Prosecutors accused her of “taking advantage of her position as wife of the prime minister” and principal aid a “planned, ongoing and systematic” scheme to break government rules and conceal it from state accountants.

The agreement, which was formally established in the court of Jerusalem's magistrates, removes one case that had interrupted the Netanyahu family for many years, which eased the luggage carried by the prime minister in re-election in September. Autumn.

But Mr Netanyahu has a much more serious criminal prosecution, for charges of bribery, fraud and breach of trust over his wealthy business, and allegations that he traded official favors for gifts and positive news coverage. It is widely expected that it will be indicative subject to hearing now set for October 2, although it is expected that it will ask the Israeli Supreme Court to obtain an extension.

A former household cleaner is still facing Ms Netanyahu herself. The woman, Shira Raban, worked in the prime minister's residence for a month in 2017 and said Ms. Netanyahu with her and she was constantly interfering with her. She is looking for damages under $ 63,000. In court on Tuesday, Ms. Netanahu's lawyer informed Ms Raban that she was convinced of money.


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