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PIR-News: Valneva with update and booster study news (Christine Petzwinkler)

After the strong price losses in the past few days, there is now a Update from Valneva. The enterprise confirms the schedule of its clinical trials and regulatory filings for its inactivated, adjuvanted COVID-19 vaccine candidate VLA2001. As previously communicated, the company has begun ongoing filing of applications for initial approval of VLA2001 with the European Medicines Agency, UK MHRA and Bahraini NHRA and continues to work closely with these authorities to complete their review process. The company continues to expect potential regulatory approvals in Q1 2022, Valneva said. The company also informs that the Start of a special heterologous refresher study is being prepared, which assesses a VLA2001 booster vaccination given at least six months after the initial vaccination with approved COVID-19 vaccines or after a natural COVID-19 infection. VLA2001 is also evaluated in older and young volunteers. The company expects Top-line data for the senior study in the coming weeks to publish as it is called.
Valneva (current indication: 17.37 / 17.44, -3.36%)

(The input from Christine Petzwinkler for the http://www.boerse-social.com/gabb from January 6th)


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Current indication: 17.67 / 17.72
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Change to the last SK: 0.77%
Last SK: 17.56 ( 1.86%)

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